The ideal temperature. The perfect humidity rate. A comfortable climate, in one Zefiro. This concept lies at the base of the revolutionary system Wet Zefiro by Aertesi, conceived, designed and manufactured to combine the benefits of a fan convector and of an isothermal humidifier. Complete with all its accessories,Wet Zefiro is a miniature air conditioning station to get the ultimate air quality and climate in summer and winter alike, that is a perfect balance between temperature and humidity.
Air contains a few suspended particles, such as powder, pollen, spores and bacteria, which are the main cause for a number of allergies that are now spreading at a fast rate. The regular recirculation of air through an efficient filter, coupled with a correct humidity rate (less fibres get broken while at the same time the particles will aggregate into larger agglomerates, which are more easily trapped in the filter) will help drastically reduce the content in impurities, andtherefore improve air quality.
Air change
In a closed environment, air change is fundamental. Outdoor air, however, bears impurities, and its temperature is often the reverse of what is needed (the air is colder or warmer). If air is changed by mixing outdoor air and conditioned air, the effect required is obtained but the troubles above are avoided.

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