Prepainted frame and fully removable sandwich panels with 20 mm thickness polyethylene/polyester thermal and acoustic insulation.
High efficiency crossflow heat recovery aluminium heat exchanger plates with supplementary sealing; stainless steel drain tray, extended to all the cooling/heating components and heat insulated, complete with water trap.
Single speed double inlet forward curved fans, eventually matched with speed electronic regulator or supplied with built-in frequency converter motors.
Frigorific circuit
Heat pump refrigeration system (R407C) composed of scroll hermetic compressor, Cu-Al evaporator and condenser coils.
Standard filter
G4 efficiency class synthetic cell filters.
Control system
Internal electrical board for supplying all the electrical powers. Microprocessor control.
Display for setting and for visualizing sensor and set-point temperature values, connected up to 20 m far from unit board.

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