Leaflet VESTA 12

Series VESTA Vertical “Evolution” electronic hygrostat Isothermal dehumidifier withpre- and post-treatment water coil 260 m3/h
Vertical installation. Suitable for radiant air conditioning. Isothermal (neutral air). Centrifugal fan R 134a.
VESTA 80 V Vertical dehumidifier for exposed recessed installation
VESTA 80 VD Vertical dehumidifier for ducted installation
VESTA dehumidifiers are utilised for summer dehumidification of rooms with radiant panel cooling systems. VESTA is designed and built exclusively for indoor use and delivers air at neutral temperature with respect to the room air. This characteristic is assured by the presence in the unit of a postcooling coil through which water from the radiant panels system is circulated. VESTA is controlled by the regulation and control system, also
when several units are installed in parallel.

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